Welcome to my Projects page, a showcase of my recent work in sustainable design and biomaterial research. Each project represents a unique exploration into the possibilities of sustainable design, from innovative material development to thought-provoking exhibitions. Click on any project to delve deeper into the process, inspiration, and outcomes of my work.

Exploring the Boundaries of Design
As an Aalto University design student, I’ve embarked on numerous projects, each offering a unique opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in impactful ways. My journey has included the development of a zero-waste pant pattern concept, which won the 2022 Young Finnish Design, New Materials, New Designs competition, and research into transforming food waste into craftable biomaterials for my bachelor’s thesis.

Merging Tradition and Innovation
My work ethos is centered around merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary production techniques. I constantly push the boundaries of materials and technologies to create sustainable solutions. Whether it’s curating an exhibition for the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale or designing an innovative product for a competition, each project is a testament to the transformative power of design.

Behind the Scenes of Sustainable Design
I invite you to delve into my projects and understand my design approach. Join me on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Each click will take you behind the scenes of my creative process, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs of sustainable design.

Designing for a Better Future
Sustainable design is more than just crafting innovative products; it’s about molding a better future for our planet. Let’s explore these projects together and discover how design can make a difference.

Let’s Connect
If my work inspires you and you have a project that aligns with my passion for sustainable design, I’d love to connect. I’m always open to new collaborations and opportunities to apply my skills in new and challenging contexts. Whether it’s a design project, an exhibition, or a research initiative, let’s connect and explore how we can work together to create innovative, sustainable solutions. Reach out to me via the Contact page, and let’s start a conversation about how we can make a positive impact through design.

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