Industrial Designer


BA/MA Industrial & Collaborative Design
from Aalto University, Finland’s premier institute of design higher education.
Design services freelanced by some of Finland’s largest companies such as Fiskars Group and KONE.



Industrial Design​

As a freelance Industrial Designer, I have collaborated with renowned international companies like Comparo GmbH, KONE and Niimaar, spanning diverse sectors such as furniture and fashion industries. My specialization lies in crafting sustainable Nordic design, where aesthetics and functionality converge to create products of enduring value.

My work involves in-depth research focused on harnessing the potential of waste materials. Notably, I undertook a commissioned research project for Fiskars Group as part of my Bachelor’s thesis. My goal is to unlock the potential of underutilized resources, like food waste, and transform them into valuable, sustainable materials that benefit both the environment and industry.

In addition to my design work, I offer comprehensive concept development and consulting services. This includes providing innovative solutions and expert guidance in sustainable design strategies, material selection, and product development. My expertise extends beyond design – I also excel in market research, and I possess the capability to bridge industries and countries. I can offer a local partner in Finland to facilitate international collaborations and market entry, ensuring that your project gains a global perspective while navigating the intricacies of the Finnish market.

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