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Eero Brandt

BA/MA Industrial & Collaborative Design from Aalto University, Finland’s premier institute of design higher education. Design services freelanced by some of Finland’s largest companies such as Fiskars Group and KONE.

Currently a product designer for COMPARO GmbH, specializing in Nordic design, sustainable product development, material selection, and manufacturing processes.

This is my industrial design portfolio. Here, you’ll find a curated showcase of my innovative work in sustainable product design. I’m passionate about creating solutions that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also contribute to a sustainable future. Explore my portfolio to see how I’m using design to make a difference.



Product Designer | Comparo GmbH
June 2023 – Present
Leading creative direction for sanitaryware and related products in Germany’s wholesaling sector, specializing in Nordic design. Drove sustainable product development through material selection and manufacturing optimization. Instrumental in market research and entry strategy for the Scandinavian market.

Industrial Designer | ARRO Holding OÜ
June 2023 – March 2024
As an Industrial Designer at ARRO Holding OÜ, I orchestrated global supplier-customer connections and spearheaded innovative product development initiatives. My role was marked by a relentless pursuit of creative solutions, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep commitment to elevating industrial design standards within the furniture and sanitary ware industry.

Sustainable Designer | Niimaar Circular Design
April 2023 – May 2023
Winner of the Young Finnish Design competition, repurposed discarded textiles into functional wearables. Advocated for a circular economy in fashion, emphasizing inclusivity in design practices.

Exhibition Guide | Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale | Onoma Fiskars
May 2022 – September 2022

Service Design Trainee | Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale | Onoma Fiskars
May 2022 – September 2022
Worked on improving the user experience for both customers and employees.

Exhibition Designer | Aalto University
April 2021 – November 2021
Refashioning the Renaissance: Reconstructing Everyday Fashion, 1550-1650

Customer Service | IKEA
June 2021 – July 2021


[Aalto-University School of Architecture and Design is #6 in QS World University Rankings 2022 and 2023]

Aalto-University, Masters of Art and Design
Minor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
9/2023 – 6/2025

Aalto-University, Bachelor of Art and Design
Aalto-University, Chemical engineering minor, CHEMARTS
9/2020 – 6/2023

First Aid – Mariens Oy
Issued May 2022 – Expires May 2025


New materials, New designs; design contest win, Young Finnish Design

Kantokyky, joint art exhibition, Fiskars


Hard skills: Rhinoceros, Blender, Solidworks, Photoshop, Keyshot, Indesign, Illustrator, WordPress, SketchUp, Figma, Miro, 3D-printing

Soft skills: Innovative, Curious, Problem solver, Resilient, Productive, Adaptable, Maker

Languages: Finnish: native English: C2 Swedish: B1


Food waste into crafting material: Case Fiskars crafting
Bachelor Thesis | Fiskars Group
June 2023
Developed a method to repurpose food waste into crafting material, achieving a full score for its contribution to sustainable design.

Composite from potato peels
Empirical research course report
April 2022

The study used potato peels to create waste-derived bioplastics, resulting in a compostable composite. One sample supported 70 kg, showing potential for furniture manufacturing.


Speaker and maker for Inclusive Sustainable Fashion
Continued the winning concept of Unisex Zero Waste pants, I expanded it into a collection, showcased at prominent events including WCEF 2023, Paimio Sustainable Fashion Week, and Helsinki Design Market, furthering the narrative of sustainable fashion for everyone.

Venue operation associate
Helsinki Design Week
August 2023
Contributed as a volunteer to the event success by assisting customers, managing logistics, and enhancing organisational and teamwork skills.


Sustainable industrial design

I’m a designer driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. I create products that blend innovation with environmental responsibility, meeting the rising demand for eco-friendly solutions. In my niche of sustainable industrial design and consultancy, I focus on using environmentally friendly materials and optimizing the entire product lifecycle. My work prioritizes efficiency, resource optimization, and tangible positive impacts. I guide clients toward eco-conscious choices, staying updated on the latest sustainable practices to ensure my designs and services are at the forefront of the industry.

Each project I work on has been meticulously designed with a keen focus on materials and their lifecycle, striving to minimize waste, improve recyclability, and reduce the overall carbon footprint. From consumer goods to complex industrial components, these designs highlight my belief in ‘sustainable innovation’ – meeting our needs today without compromising the future.

Product design

Bedroom concept for Unikulma

Design brief to make a headboard and accessories from given materials.

This project was done as a team with my fellow Aalto MA classmate Roosa Harju.

In our Unikulma design project, we aimed to address the challenge of low headboard sales (20% of customers). Targeting both the existing and a younger customer base, the Viola product family offers customizable elements like headboards, nightstands, and lamps. Key features include a durable MDF headboard with HVL veneer, customizable sizes, eco-friendly materials like hemp for pillowcases, and Sulapacin Premium lamps for a warm ambiance. Viola reflects Unikulma’s values through thoughtful material selection and the flexibility to create unique combinations for diverse homes.


Steam bent discarded pine veneer
May 2022
110 x 40 cm

“Juurakko” is a hanging light fixture crafted from steam-bent discarded pine veneer. This project embodies a commitment to sustainability, transforming reclaimed materials into an artful and elegant design. The intricate steam-bending process creates a unique, organic form, casting a warm and timeless glow. With “Juurakko,” I aim to showcase the beauty and potential of sustainable design, redefining discarded materials into a piece that blends aesthetics with environmental responsibility.

Design study for Simucube

Case: High end driving simulator wheel

This study was done as a team with my fellow Aalto design Bachelor classmates Roosa Harju and Mikaela Kipinoinen. Simucube partnered with Aalto University as our client giving us a brief to design a luxury steering wheel concept for simracing.

In the project I was in charge of the 3D-modelling and visualisation as well as participating in the group tasks like concepting.

Simucube wanted us to deliver a steering wheel for their driving simulator, that would combine the high end feel with the feel of performance.
The design was inspired by a classic steering wheel but was made to meet the modern standard of digital extreme sport.

Intimate bowls

Study on form giving, material studies and small series production.

Stoneware, black glaze

Food waste


Best wishes,
Eero Brandt

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