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Turning Food Waste into Crafting Material – A Sustainable Design Approach to destigmatizing waste


Collaborative Effort

The goal was ambitious: to develop a household-friendly bio-based recycling material. We were not just introducing a new crafting material, but also inspiring a shift in attitudes towards waste management and recycling. Bringing it through making user experiences better.

Sustainable Design: A New Perspective on Waste

Traditionally, waste, particularly food waste, has been seen as a problem. But what if we viewed it as a solution? This shift in perspective was the foundation of my research. I aimed to transform food waste from a problem to a crafting resource, presenting it not as rubbish, but as an undervalued asset with untapped potential. And utilizing it there where it forms whilst following the waste utilization hierarchy better than currently.

Uncovering the Potential of Food Waste


The Birth of a Crafting Revolution

Looking forward

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that my study will inspire you to view waste in a new light, and I look forward to sharing more about sustainable design in the future!

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